About Nine River Road

Located just two hours north of New York City, Nine River Road is located directly on the Delaware River in Callicoon, New York.   The Delaware River headwaters begin in the western Catskill Mountains and flow a total of 388 miles finally emptying into the Atlantic Ocean.  Along the way the waterway passes through four states, a few notable large cities and many, many small towns.  It does not discriminate against either.  But we like to think it makes a small wink and nod at our little riverside community of Callicoon.

The story of Nine River is a reflection of the place it inhabits.  Nine River Road was built in 1884. Her beginning purpose as built was to house a family and their furniture store.  After serving that purpose until 1932 and largely being called the Milwaukie Furniture Store, she turned into a family home with the occasional apartment rental for others.  We are just the 3rd owners of Nine River and the first to adapt her into a small hotel during her 132nd year.  So we’ve embraced the heritage with details that speak to her years in commerce as well as her years as a protective family residence. 

Great beds and ledger books.  Comfortable chairs and antique lamps.  You check in at the kitchen table with baskets of vegetables and cookies to nibble on in the summer and the woodstove stoked in the winter.  You can sit in the screened porch just off of the river room in the fall or laze on the second floor porch swings on a drizzly spring afternoon.  

Our Story

Nine River Road is owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Sims Foster and Kirsten Harlow Foster and their team.  The Foster family has been in Livingston Manor for 5 generations dating back to the 1910s.  More recently the Foster’s have helped revitalize their hometown by opening 3 different restaurants since 2002.  Their last, The Lazy Beagle, was lost to a devastating fire in late 2012.  With the prodding and support of the local community the Fosters, rather than retreat after this tragedy, decided to forge ahead into bigger waters.  The proud result has been their three small hotels -  The Arnold House, The North Branch Inn, and now, Nine River Road.  

Before moving upstate full time to run their small hotel company, Foster Supply Hospitality, Kirsten and Sims had active careers that took them to the city and beyond.  Kirsten is an economist and served as Senior Policy Advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Sims was a hospitality executive working with some of the most noted chefs and bar personalities in the world.

Adelaide, Kirsten & Sims’ English bulldog, can also be found running around the property and helping to keep the lawns clear by picking up sticks.  She’s very friendly and loves attention – and other dogs!